Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 738 - The Battle Between Gods!

Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 738 The Battle Between Gods!

“I need to think about it.”

The corners of Ancient One’s mouth curled up into a smile.

Faced with this incomprehensible fellow, Ancient One could only think deeply and come up with a solution to the current situation.

This guy did participate in the Battle of New York and continue his acting…

It was obvious that what happened here made him more interested.

Although Ancient One was unable to observe Uehara Naraku’s future and was not particularly clear about Uehara Naraku’s schemes. But there was no doubt that there was a conspiracy behind Uehara Naraku asking her to lend the Time Stone to Strange.

If he wanted to deal with Uehara Naraku, he had to connect every move Uehara Naraku made with conspiracy theories. That was the safest way.

A ripple quietly appeared in the space.

Ancient One calmly raised the teacup in front of her. Just as everyone present thought that she was pondering, Ancient One suddenly flipped her palm!

The space quietly folded like a mirror!

Before anyone could react, Ancient One had already brought the group of warriors from the future into the mirror dimension. This Sorcerer Supreme’s actions had caught them off guard!

“This is…”

Future Steve Rogers looked at the surroundings that were exactly the same as the outside world, his face revealing some doubt, “Where are we?”

“Mirror Dimension.”

Dr. Strange glanced at Ancient One, then raised his finger and pointed at a group of prism-shaped glass mirrors in front of him. He explained the principle of the mirror dimension to Steve Rogers and the others.

“You can interpret it as a world in a mirror.”

“Those are the spatial barriers between the mirror dimension and the real world. People in the real world can’t see what is happening in the mirror dimension, but people in the mirror dimension can hide here and observe the outside world. No one will notice it.”

“Of course, the sorcerers did not use this method to get other people’s secrets, but to monitor the possible darkness that may appear in this world.”

When Dr. Strange said this, he observed Uehara Naraku who was still in the real world through the prism-shaped spatial barrier.

Uehara Naraku in the real world seemed to have not reacted yet.

After all, a group of living people just disappeared in front of him.

Dr. Strange looked at the confused Uehara Naraku in the real world and felt relieved, “Well, it should be safe for us to hide here now… I remember that Uehara Naraku could not crack the mirror dimension…”


The mirror dimension was definitely safe.

There was one time when the future Uehara Naraku was hunting down the members of the Avengers. Fortunately, Strange was quick enough to bring them into the mirror dimension to save their lives.

This kind of thing…

Dr. Strange has experience.


The sound of glass shattering interrupted Strange’s words!

No, this was not the sound of glass shattering, but the sound of the spatial barrier between the mirror dimension and reality shattering. This sound was so moving!


Uehara Naraku slowly withdrew his fist and entered the mirror dimension. He sized up everyone present and curled the corners of his lips, “If you want to hide here, you should at least bring me along, right?”

“Wait… Why are you able to crack the mirror dimension…”

Strange felt as if his life had been overturned again.

Now, Strange suddenly felt as if his mind was in a mess.

He didn’t know if the Uehara Naraku of this timeline was playing tricks on him for the sake of his future self, or if the future Uehara Naraku had been playing tricks on him for the sake of this timeline self…

This kind of thing was really hard to tell…

In any case, they were the ones being played with.

Ancient One slowly raised her palm. An orange magic circle appeared in her palm. She stared at Uehara Naraku who had broken through the spatial barrier!

“Back off, Strange!”

Ancient One waved the magic circle in her hand and rushed toward Uehara Naraku. Her face was full of seriousness and uneasiness, “You guys leave this place first!”

“Don’t be in such a hurry to leave this place!”

Uehara Naraku refuted Ancient One’s words and chuckled, “Perhaps, in this timeline, Ancient One has been seriously corrupted by dark energy. She is deliberately lying to you and doesn’t really want to hand over the stone?”


Dr. Strange and a group of warriors from the future were speechless.

If the person who said this was not Uehara Naraku, they might have believed this nonsense. However, compared to Ancient One who was corrupted by dark energy…

Uehara Naraku was a real Dark Lord!

How could such a liar who deceived their friendship and feelings have the nerve to say that others were lying? He was the master of the conspiracy and deception!

Just as Strange and his group were still in deep thought, Uehara Naraku and Ancient One had already started fighting!

The sorcerers in this world were most proficient in using magic circles.

By releasing the magic power in their bodies, they could form a bright orange magic circle. This magic circle was quite stable. In addition to turning it into a sharp blade attack, it could also turn into a defensive barrier!


Uehara Naraku’s fist smashed into the magic circle in Ancient One’s hand!

The sound of the magic circle breaking rang out quietly, but Ancient One’s reaction was very fast. She hurriedly used her magic power to restore the defensive magic circle!

“Tsk, the magic circle of a sorcerer is really beautiful…”

Uehara Naraku waved his fist again. After smashing the defensive magic circle of Ancient One with a punch, his fist spread out the moment it broke through the defense!

A powerful shock wave suddenly rushed out!

This Uehara Naraku seemed to have a lot of combat experience!

It was already too late for Ancient One to set up a defensive magic circle again. She frowned slightly and slowly spread out her hands to welcome the arrival of this shock wave…

A wide transparent glass shield appeared between Ancient One’s hands, helping her block the shock wave from Uehara Naraku’s surprise attack!


The transparent glass shield shattered quietly.

At the very least, it had completed its mission and helped Ancient One block Uehara Naraku’s sudden change in attack. However, Ancient One was not relieved in her heart…

It was because Uehara Naraku seemed to have expected that she would use the shield. After releasing the shock wave, his figure flashed and charged toward Ancient One again!

At this time…

Ancient One’s thoughts were actually thinking of something else…

It was obvious that many of the things Uehara Naraku did in the world were to control others’ fate. He seems to be a complete conspirator… However, this so-called conspirator was particularly passionate when fighting!

This guy…

He was really here to find someone to fight!

Uehara Naraku directly opened up a path with his fist and threw another punch!

Ancient One flew back and avoided this punch. Just as her palm was slightly raised and was about to use another spell, Uehara Naraku suddenly extended a finger toward Ancient One!

Amid the battle…

There must not be any useless movements!

Ancient One faced the finger that was pointing at her and tilted her head again!

A laser beam shot out from Uehara Naraku’s fingertip. This laser beam brushed past Ancient One’s shoulder, it almost pierced through her head!

After the attack missed, Uehara Naraku did not stop moving at all. He took the opportunity to rush forward again, his hand grasped toward Ancient One’s neck!

Uehara Naraku’s movements changed very quickly, causing the others present to be dazzled. Even though Ancient One had hundreds of years of combat experience, she still felt a little shaken when they fought…

That kind of…

Feeling that made people feel uncertain!

Even though the two of them had not used any terrifying abilities up until now, just by relying on some small moves, it was already a little dazzling…

This battle was very exciting.

Regardless of whether it was Dr. Strange or Steve Rogers, they couldn’t help but put themselves into it and think about how they would be able to dodge those attacks…

But how could they possibly dodge it?

They couldn’t even interfere in this battle!

Because this intense scene was just a warm-up between the two sides… They had truly seen Uehara Naraku’s strength!

“Do you want to catch me directly?”

Ancient One quickly retreated. She looked down at Uehara Naraku’s clenched hand and felt that Uehara Naraku could grab her throat at any time!

The next moment…

Uehara Naraku’s body suddenly accelerated!

Ancient One immediately noticed that her body slightly leaned back, and just as she was about to dodge Uehara Naraku’s throat lock, she suddenly realized something!


According to Uehara Naraku’s fighting style…

If this guy did not manage to catch her throat with one strike…

Then he would immediately change his moves or attack target!

In an instant, Ancient One understood Uehara Naraku’s next move. When she saw that Uehara Naraku had missed his attack, her palm suddenly reached for the pendant on her chest!

The pendant on Ancient One’s chest was the Eye of Agamotto, and it was also the artifact that Sorcerer Supreme had stored the Time Gems!


A bitter smile appeared on Ancient One’s face. He rushed forward and buried herself in Uehara Naraku’s chest. Before Uehara Naraku could succeed, she slapped her palm on Uehara Naraku’s chest!

This palm seemed to be gentle…

But it was able to strike out Uehara Naraku’s soul!

Ancient One likes to use this move very much. It can project an illusory soul into reality and cause people to lose their fighting strength in an instant…


When Doctor Strange saw this scene, he quickly reminded his teacher that this move would not work on Uehara Naraku at all!

Because this guy, Uehara Naraku…

His spiritual power was also terrifyingly powerful!

According to their knowledge and understanding of Uehara Naraku for so many years, this guy could be said to be a perfect existence. The only flaw was probably his character…

Sure enough.

Just as Strange had guessed.

Ancient One’s palm landed on Uehara Naraku’s chest.

This palm…

It failed.

When Ancient One’s soul, which had always been flawless, struck Uehara Naraku, it was as if she had hit a wall. No, it could be a cliff!

This palm strike even shook her soul a little!

Uehara Naraku’s spiritual power was terrifyingly strong!

At this moment, Ancient One was even a little absent-minded. Perhaps this Uehara Naraku also had the possibility of becoming Sorcerer Supreme? A Sorcerer Supreme whose spiritual power was so strong that even the Time Stone could not affect it?

It was just that his character was not very reliable.

In terms of unreliable character, Uehara Naraku never disappoints people. At this moment, he still chose the worst method!

Uehara Naraku did not look at Ancient One’s attack. He grabbed the Eye of Agamotto in Ancient One’s chest and yanked it down!

The back of Ancient One’s neck felt a little painful!

This guy…

Wasn’t his methods a little too crude?

Uehara Naraku held the Eye of Agamotto in his hand and gestured to Ancient One, “Is this the container of the Time Stone…Is the Time Stone here?”


Ancient One nodded silently, then slowly shook her head, “Other than Sorcerer Supreme, no one else can take out the Time Stone from it…”

“Of course, no one can take the Time Stone out of it.”

Uehara Naraku crushed the Eye of Agamotto in his hand and scattered the fragments on the ground. He sighed and said, “Is it similar to spatial teleportation? It seems that I can only use some forceful methods…”

If the Time Stone could only appear through the Sorcerer Supreme’s specific spells, then he seems to have no choice but to force the Ancient One to hand over the Time Stone…


Ancient One silently flipped his palm.

A somber atmosphere appeared in the mirror dimension. Everyone present stared at their movements until someone suddenly spoke up.

“We can’t participate in their battle?”

Steve Rogers rubbed their brows, “This is not a training session between them…but a war for the Time Stone.”

“Then which side should we stand on?”

Bruce Banner scratched the back of his head and said with a silly smile, “Uehara Naraku wants to help us get the stone… That Sorcerer Supreme Ancient One is Strange’s teacher…”


Steve Rogers looked at Bruce Banner with a bit of hatred. He helplessly held his forehead and said, “How can you believe what Uehara Naraku said? Even if it’s the Uehara Naraku of this timeline!”

Did they not learn enough?

No matter what, they could not trust Uehara Naraku!

Were they not deceived enough?Rêađ lat𝒆st ch𝒂pters on n𝒐/v/𝒆/l(b)i𝒏(.)c𝒐m


Bruce Banner’s expression froze.

“This battle is not suitable for you to intervene…”

Strange shook his head and slowly raised his finger. He said softly, “I will find an opportunity to help the Sorcerer Supreme…”

In the next moment, Strange saw an opportunity!

A thick dark red whip quickly appeared in Strange’s hand and was about to tie up Uehara Naraku’s body. He knew how tough this dark red whip was!


Uehara Naraku saw this dark red whip in the corner of his eyes. He raised his hand and released a shock wave to force back Ancient One. He turned around and grabbed the whip, pulling Strange over!

Uehara Naraku waved his other fist and punched Strange who was involuntarily flying over, smashing this future Sorcerer Supreme to the ground!

“It looks like you still don’t understand…”

Uehara Naraku spread out his palm and aimed it at Strange’s head. He said softly, “The battle between gods is not something you should interfere in…”

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